1980 Ski-doo service manual has some wear although informative $15.00 shipped in the U.S. Rotary valve timing gauge by F.A.S.T. $20.00 shipped in the U.S. Last photo 12 Plugs with plug caddy's included $30.00 shipped in the U.S.
I have a 5 Gal pail of sealed/un-opened Dragon Race Fuel Tarragon 110 $75.00 and must be picked up. Near new 82 - Up Ski-doo recoil and comes with a extra/spare kit $80.00 shipped in the U.S.
NOS Dayco Max $30.00 + shipping NOS Dayco Ultimax $40.00 + shipping. Like new early 80's & Up recoil with spare rebuild kit $80.00 + shipping.
With Adam Leubner & Gary Koska heading my way I'll post the 1967 rider quality front bumper again, it is a straight bumper with no damage decent chrome although does show some minor rust in spots $75.00 and you pay shipper. I also have the 72 bumper shown right side good left side has a kink, come's with guide's & rubber center piece $40.00 you pay shipper. Last not shown a 68 Olympic rider qua...
Sled has been sold pending payment/pick-up, Thank you to those of you who inquired with interest.
Recoil with kit, Rotary valve timing wheel & 1980 Ski-doo manual have all been sold.
Pair of 44mm Ski-doo carburetors for parts body's have stripped pilot jet holes, good slides, caps, springs, bowls, etc. $40.00 + shipping. Next a pair of 40mm bodys/parts only, one body is usable coded 40 H7 102 71 & one has stripped pilot jet hole make one out of the two $20.00 + shipping. Last a pair of new aluminum 40/44 slides with new UFO's installed $100.00 for the pair shipped in the U.S.
Qty of 2 left foot rest's $13.50 each shipped in the U.S. & fuel spill tray $17.00 shipped in the U.S. which are for the 1969 TNT/Nordic based chassis. Next a fuel spill tray $13.50 shipped in the U.S. & complete fuel pick-up $15.50 shipped in the U.S. for the early black Ski-doo poly tanks. Last Qty of 4 funnel plates for 1972 TNT 640 & 775 $27.00 for the 4 of them shipped in the U.S.